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Gear List - Outdoor First Aid

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Gear List - Outdoor First Aid
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For Day Hikes and Extended Trips.
Section 1, Day Hikes, Summer:
Day pack.
Water bottles, Hydration system.
Sturdy boots. Goretex preferred.
Rain Gear.
First Aid kit.
Two pair socks.
Insect Repellent.
Map & Compass.
Non Cotton Clothing.
Flashlight or Head lamp.
Sweater for the summits.
Sun Block and Chapstick.
Toilet paper.
Water proof matches.
Food. Bring enough.
Change of clothes. Leave in car.
Brimmed hat or baseball cap.
Trekking poles.
Water filter.
Duct tape.

Section 2, Extended Trips, Summer:
All of section 1.
Backpack, 3500 cubic in. or more.
Sleeping bag and pad.
Stuff sacks.
Nylon cord. 50 ft.
Plastic bags.
Stove, fuel.
Mess kit.
Spoon, fork and knife.
Insulated mug.
Cook pot.
Extra clothing.
Watch or clock.
Three candles.
Small towel.
Toilet articles, toothbrush.
Note book and pencil.
Two pair of lash straps.
Moleskin, foot care.
Larger First Aid kit.

For Cold Weather Trips:
Sections 1 and 2 Plus.
Upper body insulation, 3 layers.
Lower body insulation , 2 layers.
Shell, wind pants
Hat, face mask, scarf.
Wool pants.
Crampons . Instep or full.
Ski goggles.
Non cotton clothing. Cotton Kills.
Gloves or mittens.
Black water bottles, insulated.
Hot drinks.
Fatty foods. Cheese, chocolate, etc.
Spare parts for stove and water filter.
Insulated Gortex boots.
X- Country ski's.
Emergency Space blanket.

  Of course you won't take all this gear with you
on each trip. Much depends on your party, the
weather and the area you are hiking. This is just
a general list to work from. With time you will know
what fits your needs best, Oh I almost forgot ,
remember the coffee.
     Check out your local sporting goods store
or the links on the gear page for all the new gear that
is coming out. There are some really cool space
age gear out there and remember, its about function
not style.
Basic First Aid Kit


  • Aspirin or Tylenol - 100 tablets
  • Tylenol 3 (aspirin and codeine - prescription only) - 30 tablets
  • Antihistamine - 20 tablets
  • Laxative - 10 tablets
  • Anti-diarrhoea tablets - 25
  • Band-Aids of varying size and shape - 30
  • Sterile gauze pads, 4 " squares - 5
  • Porous adhesive tape, 1" wide - 1
  • Waterproof adhesive tape, 1" wide - 1
  • Spenco Second Skin (for burns), 2" x 4" - 4
  • Elastic bandage, 3" wide - 1
  • Triangular bandages - 2
  • Safety pins - 10
  • Antiseptic cleaning solution - 2 ounces
  • Calamine lotion - small bottle
  • Scissors - 1
  • Tweezers - 1