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The gear reviewed on this page is the honest and unbiased
opinion of the Mountain Haze Crew. The gear has been trail
tested by us in the Adirondacks of N.Y. and the White's in N.H.
In no way are we trying to sell any of these products that are

This dual fuel , white gas or unleaded gasoline stove, has one
of the fastest boil time rating of any on the market today. Just
3.75 minutes. The fuel efficient operation and large tank mean
only one fill up for a typical weekend backpack. It has an input
rating of 7500 BTUH and has a burn time on high of 1 hr. 5 min.
and on low 7hrs. The quad- divided wind screen protects the flame
and also serves as a pot support. Fine tunable flame permits fast
boiling and does a great job of slow simmering. Fold out legs keeps
the stove stable. Fill the tank with fuel and pressurize with a built-up
pump. Generally 15 to 20 pumps, light and your cooking.
The stove is a bit bulky and it's dry weight is 23.25 oz. It measures
6 3/8 by 4 5/8. Overall it's a great stove if you don't mind it taking up
some space. Retail price $56.00.


Boil rate based on 1 quart of water at an elevation of 2800 ft. with
an outside air temp. of 10 degrees with light winds.

Marmot has done it again! Precip. is Marmot's new waterproof
breathable, microporous polyurethane double coating. The first
coat ensures waterproof performance with consistent breathability
and the Dry Touch topcoat prevents that sticky, clammy feeling
against the skin.
This Backpacker Magazine Award winner comes fully taped
on all seams and can be vented through the side mesh pockets
and in the arm pits zippers. Double storm flap over zipper with
velcro closure tab. Adjustable velco closure on elastic arm and
ankle cuffs. Zippered legs make for easy on and off with boots on.
Attached hood rolls up and is secured with velcro closure tab.
Jacket wt. is 12 0z. and pants 7 oz. This garment kept me dry and
comfortable and protected at a really great price. The jacket is
$99.00 and the pants retail at $ 69.00. This gear will be carried on
all my trips into the backcountry, summer or winter.

This pack has been a workhorse for me during the past 15
years. The pack is 4485 cubic inch and weighs in at 5 Ibs 15 oz.
One thing I must say is the way it carries with a 50 or 60 Ib load.
Like a dream with many different ways to shift the weight around
from the load lifters, backstrap mesh can be moved up or down
and adjustable shoulder straps. One complaint is a problem with
the tail section of the frame bending and eventually breaking. A
vise and some metal bands and pop rivets took care of that. Yes
I'm hard on gear but couldn't part with it. I do own a Camp Trails,
Tough Traveler, and North Face packs but for the long haul, out
comes the Kelty and the others stay home. This pack retails for
around $ 170.00 and comes in four different sizes.
The Child carrying systems by Kelty are excellent also.

"I've been using my MSR Waterworks filter since about 1991, and have had mixed results. The early carbon elements clogged very quickly, and the new ceramic filtering element has been a big improvement. It is very easy to clean once you get it disassembled, and this is its strongest feature, particularly for extended trips. Unfortunately, if you filter in silty water, silt seems to accumulate in the top of the housing, filling the screw threads, and this can make it almost impossible to remove the filter head for cleaning. This has happened on a couple of occasions, and it is extremely frustrating. I have to wait until I get it home and put it in my bench-vise to remove the head. The filter is also a bit slower (liters pumped per minute) than some of the newer devices out there. Overall it is a very good design for ease-of-pumping, and I would give it a moderately enthusiastic recommendation. However, perhaps the company should devise a better pre-filter that would keep more silt out of the housing."

"I purchased my Sundowners in 1993. In the first seven years of the boots' life, they have experienced all the woes of backpacking (mud, roots, stumps, sludge, prickers, streams, etc.), rappeling, caving (much more mud and scraping against rock), not to mention that for about 3 years I wore them on almost a daily basis because I thought they looked pretty cool. You would think that after all this they would be ready for the trash, however, they still look and feel great, they are still waterproof, and they still look cool (my opinion of course). I expect to have my Sundowners for at least another seven years. The best $180 dollars I've ever spent .