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Fern Park

Location: Inlet South Shore Rd.  

Distance: 25mi. (Multiple length loops)

Difficulty: Easy / Intermediate / Expert

Description: These trails are for adventurous bikers. Double and single-track trails loop up, down and around Fern Mountain with lots of elevation change.

bOld Forge Mountain Bike Trail system

Location: Between Old Forge & Eagle Bay

Distance: Up to100 miles (Multiple length loops)

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate

Description: These trails are mostly easy, flat and some small rolling hills with a few Steep Climbs. There is easy access directly from Old Forge or Eagle Bay. You can also get on the train in Thendara and they will take you to Carter Station in the middle of the trail system. There are a few single-track trails that shoot off the main trail system. These trails are a great family fun trail system.

bRazorback Pond

Location: On the West side at the end of Twitchell Lake Road next to Twitchell Lake.

Distance: 1.9 miles

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate

Description: Short one-way trip past Silver Lake and ending at Razorback Pond. Note: Trail crosses some private land.

bSafford Pond

Location: Northern access is the Safford Pond Trailhead on Big Moose Road; Southern trailhead is on Rondaxe North Shore Road.

Distance: 4.5 miles

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate

Description:  This trail starts off by Rondaxe rd. as a Beginner trail and then past Stafford pond turns to more of an intermediate trail. Trip connects Big Moose Lake and Lake Rondaxe. (A 16.5-mile loop is possible using Rondaxe Rd., Rt. 28, and the Big Moose Road.)

bBlack Bear trail to Bug Lake & Morgan's Miles

Location: Inlet and Raquette Lake (Sagamore Road, 8th Lake Campground, Uncas Rd. Loop)

Distance: 7mi. / 14mi. / 22mi.

Difficulty: Beginner / intermediate

Description: Explore this turn of the century transportation route by mountain bike. This loop includes flat dirt roads that are appropriate for beginners as well as more challenging off road trails for the advanced rider. Ride a section of the trails or do a 14 or 22-mile loop

bSagamore Cascades Trail

Location: Sagamore Rd. in Raquette Lake.

Distance: 1.4 miles

Difficulty: Beginner

Description: This trail is fairly flat to gentle rolling hills ending at South Inlet Falls

bBlack Bear Mountain

Location: Inlet off of Rt. 28 or off of Uncas Road

Distance: 4.5 Miles.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: Near Black Bear Mt., trail narrows and is more difficult. At base of Mt., steep to ride but a short hike to summit. This is an excellent view of area lakes.

bSeventh Lake Trail

Location: Seventh Lake Rd. in Inlet

Distance: 4.4 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: This trail is nice tight single track on fairly level terrain that goes past a couple of lean-to. The trail runs right along Seventh Lake so there are multiple places to swim.

bSucker Brook Bay Trail

Location: Raquette Lake via the Browns Tract/Uncas Road

Distance: 8.5 miles.  The loop around Lower Brown Tract Pond adds 2 miles

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate

Description: This is an easy ride passing by Upper and Lower Pond and then a final destination to Sucker Brook Bay on Raquette Lake There is a Intermediate / expert spur trail off the main trail that takes you back to Brown Tract Rd. There is also an unimproved road and trail around lower pond Access to the trail from Raquette Lake is via the Antlers Road to the Browns Tract Road. Access to the trail from Eagle Bay is the Uncas Road.

bDunning Hermitage Trail / Old Dump Rd.

Location: Inlet off of Uncas Rd. and the Black Bear Bug Lake trail and in Raquette Lake off of Dillon Rd. and the Old Dump Rd. Trail

Distance: 3.5-mile trail that can be linked to other routes making an 8mi. loop to a 30mi. loop 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Description: This trail is rolling terrain that leads you to the northern backside of Eighth Lake were you will find a lean-to overlooking the lake. You can link this trail to other trails to create multiple length loops

bMoss, Bubb, & Sis Lake Loop

Location: Between Big Moose & Eagle Bay

Distance: 2.6 mi. or 11mi.

Difficulty: Beginner Around Moss lake, Intermediate / Expert Bubb & Sis Lake

Description: The trail around Moss Lake is gentle rolling double track hills. Take the spur trail to Bubb & Sis Lake, nice single track, mostly intermediate and a nice expert section at the end. You can create a larger loop-using trail 5 along Rt. 28 and Big Moose Rd. back to Moss Lake. This is fast and fun.

bBeaver Lake

Location: Moose River Recreation Area / Otter Brook Rd.

Distance: 4.3 miles

Difficulty: Beginner

Description: This is a great place for the whole family with easy rolling terrain. This trail is an old roadbed that ends at Beaver Lake.

bMitchell Pond

Location: Moose River Recreation Area / Otter Brook Rd.

Distance: 4 miles

Difficulty: Beginner

Description: This is a great place for the whole family with easy rolling terrain. This trail is an old roadbed that ends at Mitchell Pond. At 1.8 miles down the trail there is an Intermediate / expert section that will turn this trail into a loop using the dirt road, but to be warned there is a difficult beaver dam crossing.

bSly Pond Crossover Trail

Location: Moose River Rd. Otter Brook Rd. Moose River Plains

Distance: 9.5-mile loop

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate

Description: The Sly Pond Crossover Trail is a 3 mile long trail that can be connected to Moose River Rd. and Otter Brook Rd. to make a 9.5-mile loop. On the Moose River Side you have to wade across the Moose River. There is also a 5.4-mile side trail to Sly Pond, one of the highest bodies of water in the region.

bLimekiln Lake

Location: Limekiln Lake Campsite Limekiln Lake Rd.

Distance: 3 to over 20 mile loop

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate / Expert

Description: These are double and single-track trails that connect to Fern Park. There may be a few wet sections that you may have to walk through. These trails are also connected to Third Lake trail off of South Shore Rd.

bLimekiln Lake East Shore Path

Location: 3 miles down on the right side of Moose River Rd.

Distance: 5.4

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate

Description: This trail gives access to the shores of Limekiln Lake, but dead ends on private property on the east shore were you must turn around.

bCedar River Flow

Location: Moose River Recreation Area Between Inlet / Indian Lake

Distance: 10 mi. loop

Difficulty: Intermediate  / Expert

Description: These trails are composed of some sand and old over grown dirt roads with remote camping and a lean-to.

bNicks Lake / Nelson Lake / Remsen Falls

Location: Nicks Lake State Campsite, Old Forge or from a Trailhead on Bisby Road.

Distance: One-way distance to Remsen Falls is 3.5 miles; total loop distance is 11.5 miles.

Difficulty: Intermediate / Expert

Description: This trip utilizes two snowmobile trails to Nelson Lake and Remsen Falls. There are multiple trails located around Nicks Lake to create Multiple loops.

bWoodhull lake Loop

Location: McKeever / Woodgate

Distance: 24mi.

Difficulty: Intermediate / Expert

Description: This loop is a combination of paved roads, old dirt roads and single track. This loop is mostly Intermediate trail system with a great view of Woodhull Lake with a lean-to. There are a few spur trails off the main train system that link to other lakes or back to the main trail system.

bLake Eaton/Endion Road Trail

Location: The trailhead is reached by going north on Rte. 30 from Long Lake and turning left on to the Endion Rd. The trailhead is on the right side of the Endion Road, 1.6 miles from Rte. 30 on a sharp curve. There are signs directing the visitor to the proper trail. 



Description: This trail skirts the western shore of the Lake

bLake Eaton-Big Brook Loop

Location: Start at the entrance to the Lake Eaton Campsite on Rte.30, 2.25 miles from the Long Lake Town Hall. Go down to the end of the road where the trail enters the woods. 

Distance: 4.0 miles

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate

Description: This trail winds around to Rte. 30 cross the highway and continue on the trail as it loops back to the Campsite entrance. This is an especially pretty trail in the fall.

bSargent Ponds/Tioga Point

Location: The trailheads are reached by taking Rte. 28N/30 south from Long Lake to the intersection with the North Point Road (Buttermilk Falls Rd.) continue on the North Point Road past Buttermilk Falls (stop and view this area attraction) and the Forked Lake Campsite. The trailhead to Upper Sargent Pond is 6.3 miles from the intersection of Rte. 28N/30 and Lower Sargent Pond trailhead is 7.9 miles from the same intersection.

Distance: 14.75 miles

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate

Description: The Sargent Ponds trails offer an excellent opportunity to bike through the woods on well marked, fairly level, pathways. Separate trails lead to Upper and Lower Sargent Ponds with a connecting trail between them.  There is a minimal elevation change on the trails. There are a few steep grades, and the loop if taken is best started from Lower Sargent Pond.

bWilliam C. Whitney Wilderness Area

Location: The headquarters area makes an excellent starting point for a ride to Lake Lila. Take the Sabattis Road approximately 5 miles from Rte 30. You will come to the headquarters area on your left or south side of the road. There is a parking area at the headquarters area.

Distance: 16 mile


Description: Ride back out the Lake Lila Road and turn left (west) onto the Sabattis Road. You will ride approximately 1.5 miles on paved road, which then turns to a graveled surface. Continue for about 3.1 miles. The left hand turn to the Lake Lila Road is at the bottom of the hill on your left. Take this road for about 5 miles to the Gate. You cannot continue past the gate. If you wish, you continue to the end of Sabattis Road from the Lake Lila intersection. It is gravel all the way and the view of Bear Ponds is one of the nicest in the area. The railroad tracks are about 3 miles from the Lake Lila intersection

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